The first Salesforce Latin American technical Conference (Punta del Este, Uruguay) was HUGE and the highlights video was released!! Aldo Fernandez and his amazing team made history with an amazing event in dreamed venue. Once again, thanks Aldo for letting me be part of this.

The Punta Dreamin’ line up:

Zayne Turner @zaynelt

Angela Mahoney @icloudsf

Zachary Jeans @ZacharyJeans

Adam Olshansky @adam17amo

Daniel Peter @danieljpeter

Naim Ramzi @NadimDRZ

Carlos Villalpando @carlosvl

Rosario González Moron @rochigm

John Vogt @vonbytes

Lyric Lee Hartley @lyrichartley

AND ME!!!! Luciano Straga @StragaLuciano


The title says it all. For the first time in Latin America (Uruguay), a technical Salesforce conference will take place. This is huge, for what it represents in itself, but it is much more than a ‘first-time’ event.

Uruguay organizers have made an tremendous effort to combine the best location, in the best venue, with the best lineup.

Punta Dreamin’ is going to be a 2 days event packed with amazing content from all over the world, in one the most exclusive beaches in the area, taking place in Conrad Resort & Casino hotel.

But the lineup deserves a different chapter. The lineup is insane. Punta Dreamin’ comes with a world class lineup, with Salesforce community gurus, well known experts, leaders and MVPs that have already participated and spoke in massive conferences like Dreamforce; such us Zachary Jeans, Daniel Peter, Adam Olshansky, Angela Mahoney, between others. Its an honor for me, to be part of this amazing group of speakers. Full list below:

For more information, here’s the website of the event:

See you there!. A can’t miss event, that is a luxury for Latin American community.

P.S.: Thanks to Aldo Fernandez (@aldoforce), and to his amazing team, for trusting me for this epic event!